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New Suzuki Jimny SUV 2019 - see why I love it... but you might not!

And this video i get to prove t that things that by the cheap and small can be really cold with, this the news to say to me and as part of the review of course i be me off and don't actually can just done a look or for from print gender and the strong on road. They're so really you have course got the real call here. white jokes just get worse than us. New Suzuki Jimny SUV 2019 - see why I love it... but you might not!

All right let's netscape off by talking about this cars design because this is where the called fact comes in because i mean just look at it it's as though a and it of a and on the side is gyi going went off road for a bit. often tumble and in where when he protection and the result was norman's later this appeared. It's just a coal little thing in fact it's so small the core to fit in a normal for so. These boots so it of the land it the three point six meters long with of eyes one point six meters but it's still pretty high it one point seven meters tools. So f we would to go out on a date it wouldn't be allowed to wear heels because it make ability to sell a not rock and this is such an interesting looking car now i've just a post on.

This graph aid at that watts and cars and i've better gets more like some the post so go there and check it out and see if i'm right.

This is be has a bit of the cold following it first with himself in one thousand nine and a [COUGH] too many card if you could drive literally everywhere walls.

He was introduced in one thousand nine and a one and then the more great one thousand i hundred and say teach remain he gave us the initial concept and it's worked in total almost three million jim may have been sold worldwide.

the list sizes his came to capitalize on this heritage

These various design pictures from the old is which feature on this car and you will know them and less you're a complete not a janine or it's show them new.

now for instance the round headlights have just like

on the original germany only these wants to re available with high tech modern early days who

these little hole is on the lines and mimic the slits that are on the side of the bonnet of the market to

these acting sections on the gray mimic those of the grail of the market rate


as with all previous jim an is there's a full so spare we'll on the tell games

this isn't the only way the new jim is faithful to it's pretty diseases as before it specifically

world as a proper fall boy form and here's five feet is designed to help it fate of road and make a normal

now the to me features a lot of frame chassis [UH]

what that means is that you have this strong structure which the wheels and suspension of hunger then the board eight goes on top now this provides us of strength for when you

roading but it does and to the weight still this telling me there's only way one point returns say it's still fairly like for a proper off rotor

when you driving the jimani normally partition it's been rare will drive mode but that space them out to six somali now you can put it into

for will drive note and then he stop you actually put into for will drive it no ratio motor

some copper off routing guns

just on the back with the front whales a joined by rigid axle and that means that if you go over a bump you thing at the wall will

which is the other one dance they can still touch the ground up attraction

thanks to the shore overhangs indecent grand clearance you've got some good numbers for and off outside

program that the front despite the same degrees the break over angle which is the best in the middle is twenty eight degrees and the departure i'm all day but the back is forty nine degrees and those numbers better than you get from

the cheap wrangler

there's no time he can break it will individually and that's really hand if you get into a situ

we have roading and diagonal wills off the ground because what can happen is that the power just be spend away

through the wheels with no grip and the ones that they have grip don't do anything so the color actually break those spinning whales is in the power back to the world's are on the ground to drive it forward

but just how good is the to believe road well i'm gonna tested somewhere those small fashion few days but certainly ground

right i've come to do green car so that we don't get our living the yellow balls dirty and going to put the coins a low range for will drive mode and

and head of this help [UM] out as go eight

and i actually have hellhole controls if i want to i can get on this break just here

and they hold it only for the right and if a little looking up and then

you get we go

don't oxygen words

and then i'm going down.


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