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Toyota RAV4 2018 SUV in-depth review

Toyota RAV4 2018 SUV in-depth review .

The two aids a wrap for a man he spent on the actor me will

you see back in the ninety nine it was a small

i yet we're looking thing yeah every years it's kind of pollen the parents had some unusual

face the soldiers you see at least

the toilet his face that have been a bit more successful the mic is and actually like the design of this

you'd call not this is why i have all these trials is in all image to this wonderful color now

the interior design of this car it's pretty unusual person i really like it but are one person's

ok isn't other person's weird but i think it's a bit like a budget texas and that's exactly what it goes or is there was in it and some of the mushir was really nice

to the lead right on here in the whole country effect he soft shrimp they it's nice but then when you look at the with the

it takes they feel really cheap and they don't passed the

all our flick to say i mean how that's really hold in them there and they're so

it's a bit of a expect but then this is quite an inexpensive eric also it's or from twenty three thousand five hundred pounds we said a bit more than the sum of his rivals

don't consider the kid you get and you get to me that this which and for the it's actually really good value but there's this comes to be had

if you clean air it's going to call a very dark odor uk you can see what the deal you can get on one of these cars and anyway i can fold this or for to restore so

it was but it's a decent size you also have some is our forage at their human toy to this the the not lies

there's a couple does here is space hear more here

this under their as well the do things they don't optically big but they are actually

able to hold a large bottle and on the roof for you should go through the business addition because as well as stuff like a reversing camera you also get integrated screen and in for time a system on the whole is relative

the easy to use to not the vessel of market in us not the worse and if you click up there on the guardian

you see in debt video of it and maybe a to the room this particular car has the automated tell god and it's a real place it takes

so long opened in fact in the time it takes the open i can send a we start to complaining about it to itself if me with a slide being

and post facebook there people don't think but i can complain about the rest of the boot because it's really massive and very

usable you've got very steady points there's no load leap at all the load he's actually no sets these if you're all doctor just leave in and out of it you got some extra storage under their around the spare

oil out you want to make the big big or you can fold and the rest six feet tall all around

to the chairs here to play we're actually have to

they all the way around to this one took this side and then yes you do have an absolutely

the masses flight usable obese like of and not just get this boat and not get me wrong to go around and

these six back because i look at the try to put that would back [COUGH] won't be to the faster

he's a ways to do it in the cars ~~~~~~~ go

got from a look at this there's just so much space in the back of the sky cities and rival i think in this glass

so in the room loads of headroom who really stretch it's like being in the back of a limousine

it's all why we three in the back so the person a middle state

this find because there's a ready to be flat floor they're seeing is a little bit hard for them the problem

the people in the air to see what make it so much because of the shape of these contrast to means that they're bottom turquoise a complete so we're hard to solve it

but we're coming thing the back but for two contemplate complain about this graph for now think look at their you can see just toys like with three people in the back of this going index practice

to video [UM] just how is to stop it charles seats and how much stuff weaker pack into its blue too

now the we come to the driving section of the review and he has gets a little bit and you

so if you one of these or for that does anyone [UH] choice it's a to later and you can get it with a man you gave us which actually is quite noise to you and it's for we'll try by

if you want an automatic you can either have a hybrid

we just pull five [SMACK] like did ~~~~~~~ lecture i did

what's my to a box and i could be front will drive we think like with all will drive

the other option is a truly to spectrum and you know it's a which is just

for will drive and also lonely so not much choice you're just going to get this engine and it actually

so by a voice and of performance and well choices

they six to most big alert and we are the chip could be too high averaging

first because they will but for teeth five weeks that got two great

but it over to the driving the experience it's actually by the imagine

ok you to be on the plan inside booked handles as well tv to call these two isn't

so you can to the color and it's comforting i mean anything ~~~~~~~ well [SMACK] at

you're speeds on rough services can't which have a blast go the barry

gets the problem without though is the fact well it's not.


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